What is the Brow of the Hill Residents’ Association?

The Brow of the Hill Residents Association is an organization made up of residents and business owners who live and work in the Brow of the Hill Neighbourhood of New Westminster, BC.

We meet every second month to discuss neighbourhood issues, such as housing density and traffic, and to brainstorm solutions. We invite city staff to provide information and to receive feedback from residents. We also strive to invite members of the community to share what they are doing to contribute to the liveability of the neighbourhood.

Do you have an issue you would like to discuss with your neighbours? Are you planning an event in the community? Join us!

Membership is open to anyone who lives in Brow of the Hill. Renters are definitely welcome. There are no membership fees.


About Our Neighbourhood

Brow of the Hill is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in New Westminster.

Since the start, The Brow has been known for its namesake hilly terrain. The Brow of the Hill has historically been home to both city elite, shop keepers, as well as industrial workers who worked at nearby industrial lands. With a fantastic central location, the Brow of the Hill has gone through many changes over time. It is now an eclectic mix of rental apartments, corner stores, places of worship, heritage homes, and light industrial buildings. While much has changed, the neighbourhood still prides itself on its diversity and inclusiveness.

Where exactly is Brow of the Hill?

For purposes of the Residents’ Association Boundaries Brow of the Hill is defined as the area of New Westminster between Royal Ave and Sixth Ave. from Stewardson Way to Sixth Street (see below). In other city maps you may see the area between Eight Street and Six Street defined as Uptown. To add more confusion, you may have noticed that street sign toppers define Uptown as only the area above Fourth Ave between Eighth and Sixth Streets. No matter what definition you’re using, we’re happy to have you participate in our RA if your home, property, or business falls within the RA boundary set by the city.

New West Neighbourhoods
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Our next meeting is Thursday, November 21 at 7pm in the Plaskett Room at the New Westminster Public Library.

Please follow us on Facebook to keep up to date with meetings and events.

Meetings are always family-friendly. Bring a neighbour!

Board of Directors

Adam Theriault, President

Rick Vugteveen, Vice President

Ken Bourdeau, Secretary

Amina Yasin, Treasurer

Nadine Nakagawa, Past President

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